course & pattern

course & pattern

AME Course Duration & Pattern

Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC), Jamshedpur is a premier institute for Study and Training students for AME courses for the subjects of B1.2, B1.1& B2 Modules as per CAR-147 DGCA Syllabus.

The duration of the AME course is 03 years, which is divided into six semesters of six months each, covering all the modules of respective categories The entire course consists of basic knowledge training, basic knowledge examination, practical training, and practical assessment. Both Theory and practical training are imparted in each semester and accordingly, the semester exams are conducted for theory and practical. Further, in this three years training program, all the learners of ARDC Jamshedpur will be imparted practical training on airports in Maintenance organizations where they will work in the actual working environments.

AME Course Duration

AME Integrated Program

Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC) facilitates its learners to pursue a bachelor’s degree program along with this 3 years AME course. We make our efforts to enhance students’ managerial skills and knowledge to be ready for the growing role of specialization and competition in the industry. Students pursuing this integrated program shall have an added advantage in the industry with the knowledge and skill of business management. Nowadays companies prefer to hire manpower with multiple specializations and skills. Aspirants can choose the branch of bachelor’s degree according to their area of interest. We give the various option of discipline to opt for the bachelor program like BBA, BSc, etc. to our students.

Benefits of Integrated Program

  • The Integrated program i.e. AME with Bachelor’s Degree in management/science aims to build the learners more industry-centric.

  • Most companies prefer to hire candidates with multiple relevant industry skills.

  • The BBA with AME adds various opportunities for the candidates in the industry and the candidates are not limited to the technical discipline only.

  • In today’s world, managerial skill is required to perform every task even the technical too so it’s also about getting yourself prepared for the big world of employment awaiting you.

  • Both the courses are covered to complete in a duration of 3 years only.