Unlocking Aviation Paths: A Guide to Different Types of AME Courses

Unlocking Aviation Paths: A Guide to Different Types of AME Courses

Maintenance, repair, and inspection are all part of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, or AME, to ensure that aircraft operate safely. AME personnel are responsible for ensuring that aircraft systems, engines, and structures are in good condition and that strict safety requirements are upheld. Ensuring the safety of passengers and crew is the AME profession, which is important in aviation. Before the aircraft takes off, an AME (Aircraft Maintenance engineer) must make sure it is in a fit to fly condition. Based on the guidelines established by the Indian government. Without authorization from competent

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, no aircraft can take off. A DGCA-approved Institute must provide an AME course for someone to become an AME.  After completing a professional programme in AME, students are qualified to verify an aircraft’s airworthiness before each flight or following any type of minor or major repair and maintenance.

The DGCA, Government of India, has authorised the AME program’s training, and it also oversees the licencing examination.  A passing grade in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in the 10+2 programme or an equivalent is the prerequisite for entrance to the programme. The student will need to present a medical certificate from a certified doctor attesting that they are physically healthy and have normal colour vision.

Pursuing AME courses will open doors to a variety of professional prospects in the aviation sector, including employment with domestic and international carriers and aircraft manufacturing companies. Along with maintaining commercial aircraft, you would also be responsible for maintaining helicopters and seaplanes. The positions in the aviation industry will enable you to effectively utilise your engineering abilities because there are more possibilities for you to advance and learn in the field.

AME courses are categorised into various streams including Category A, mechanical B1 and B2. 

AME category A enables the holder to issue certifications of release to service following basic defect correction and minor planned line maintenance, as long as such duties fall within the scope of the authorization’s responsibilities.

Mechanical B1.1 

Mechanical B1.1 is a course that focuses on the upkeep and repair of aircraft mechanical systems. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as large aircraft construction, jet engines, hydraulics, and power plants (both gas turbine and piston engines). A student who successfully completes this course will have the knowledge and abilities needed to examine, identify, and maintain the numerous mechanical systems found in aeroplanes.

Mechanical B1.2 and AME mechanical B1.3 

The stream focuses on the study and maintenance of structures for piston engines and small aircraft. The stream typically covers subjects including the various types and components of piston engines, fuel systems, ignition systems, as well as engine starting systems. Students will learn how to inspect, diagnose, and fix important systems so that the engine can keep running safely and dependably. The analysis and maintenance of helicopter and turbine engine constructions are the main topics of AME Mechanical B1.3.

B2 Avionics 

The examination and maintenance of the aircraft’s electrical systems, radio & navigation systems, and instrument systems are all included in the field of avionics. Additionally, this stream includes information on automated pilot systems, radio communication, radar systems, and the production and delivery of electrical power to avionic systems. The Category B2 AME Licence is awarded to learners in the Avionics Stream who clear the DGCA (Govt of India) Basic Knowledge Module Examination and meet the requirements for maintenance experience mentioned in CAR-66.

The Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC), one of the Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India, is located in Jamshedpur and provides an excellent education that is consistent with global standards. The Aerospace Research & Development Centre is one of the best AME colleges in India having a DGCA licence.  Mechanical B1.1, Mechanical B1.2, Mechanical B1.3, and Mechanical B2 (Avionics) are the various streams in AME courses which provided by ARDC.