Why ARDC is the best college to pursue AME in India

Why ARDC is the best college to pursue AME in India

One of the top AME colleges in India, the Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC), is situated in Jamshedpur and offers an outstanding education in accordance with international standards. One of the top AME colleges in India with DGCA approval is the Aerospace Research & Development Centre. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation must approve institutes before they may offer academic and practical training to candidates. The college is one of the best and most forward-thinking institutions operating within the Sha-Shib Group, which has grown to become one of Asia’s largest and most prestigious networks of engineering colleges for aircraft maintenance.  The largest organization in South Asia that offers high-quality aircraft maintenance engineering is called Sha-Shib Group. Sha-Shib Group and ARDC, who have a combined 32 years of expertise in the educational sector, are on track to provide young aspirants in India with exceptional AME training in order to develop a better and more competent workforce of aviation experts. Through a variety of industrial projects that introduce them to the latest technologies, ARDC students are given the tools they need to confidently face the industry. Many graduates are hired by respected firms due to the high on-campus hiring rates in the past. To assist the transfer of technology, ARDC has alliances with several businesses and academic institutions.

As a consequence, students from all across India attend ARDC. In order to have a clear knowledge of students’ progress, ARDC promotes frequent communication between students, parents, and instructors. To enable students to reach their full potential, individual student counseling is given the highest significance. An applicant must register in an AME college provided by a DGCA-approved organization like ARDC in order to become an AME. To finish the training, ARDC holds internal exams and teaches the DGCA’s authorized material.

At ARDC, we take pride in creating our own 6+ Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO)s, guaranteeing that you will have access to first-rate facilities and cutting-edge technology to support your goals. Additionally, as part of our comprehensive program, you’ll receive live, practical instruction in aviation maintenance, ensuring that you acquire experience with real aircraft and the newest equipment and technology. Additionally, ARDC offers hands-on instruction for live aircraft repair to AME students.

Since ARDC values hands-on learning, we offer well-equipped workshops for a variety of aircraft systems, such as those for the radio, electrical, instrument, precision, welding, engine, and airframe systems. These workshops help us to teach aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) to our students. To further enhance your educational experience, ARDC offers technical tours to various airports, MROs, airlines, and flying clubs. This gives you the chance to interact with experts in the area while also getting a first-hand look at how the aviation industry runs. Additionally, due to the Sha-Shib Group’s centralized academic council, students at the ARDC may make use of the greatest pool of training managers, quality managers, and qualified AME teachers. The area of AME, which deals with the airframe and powerplant of many types of aircraft, is covered by the Mechanical B1.1, Mechanical B1.2, and B2 (Avionics) stream courses offered by ARDC.  The AME training program includes basic knowledge training, a basic knowledge test, practical training, and practical evaluation. It covers all the modules in the relevant categories. Learners at ARDC will undergo hands-on training at maintenance companies and airports as part of the course, where they will work in real working conditions. The ARDC equips students with a thorough education and practical experience so they may succeed in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering.