Important Things to Know About Udaan(ude desh ka aam nagrik)

Important Things to Know About Udaan(ude desh ka aam nagrik)

Udaan scheme was first introduced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which made the dream of flying turn to reality for small-town people. Civil aviation launched the much-awaited connectivity system Udaan scheme in the capital of India.

This is an innovative scheme for the development of the aviation market. This is a mechanism that depends on the seat bidding subsidies. This is the way through which affordable and profitable flights will be available to every common person, even the ones who reside in the small towns.

Goals of udaan scheme: 

  • The center will be able to increase the market and the regional air connectivity

  • It will promote development, growth, connectivity, and affordability in the aviation market.

  • It will offer a feasible solution to all stakeholders, and citizens who are looking for affordability and better jobs.

  • The state government will get the benefits of trade and tourism and the development of remote places.

  • Once the small town airlines will be settled there will be more opportunities for other businesses to grow, and reap benefits from it.

  • Operators of airports will also be able to expand their work and the manufacturers will get better benefits.

Benefits of Udaan: 

  • The citizens will get benefits of better jobs, regional air connectivity, and various opportunities.

  • The fare of a one-hour journey will be fixed and there will be appropriate pricing based on the flight duration.

  • Airport operators will not be able to put parking and landing charges or give discounts to router navigation facilities.

  • There will be a regional connectivity fund to cover the gap the scheme requires.

  • The center will be able to increase the regional aircraft connectivity and the industry.

Udaan scheme is best for employment and tourism, and the introduction of small aircraft and helicopter services in the rural areas. These services will reduce the travel timings to hill and remote regions, and even in island areas of the country.

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